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How to Choose a Perfect Coffee Table

Usually, a coffee table is the center point of a sitting area. It also serves several purposes: from completing a look, to storing your small items and displaying cups. Here are some tips for you to get a perfect coffee table to suit for your home décor.

First of all, select the location where you wish to place the coffee table. This shall simplify the process of selection of the right coffee table. For instance, a coffee table placed in the children’s room should be modern and serve as a desk also. On the other hand, coffee table placed in the living room should complement the décor.

Speaking of materials, coffee tables can come in a wide variety too. There are industrial ones in metal. Materials such as glass combined with either brass or steel offer a more sophisticated look. Whether it is oak, maple, cherry or walnut, wood has its own feel to it. Oak and maple are on the more casual side with walnut and cherry having a more formal look.

Choose a proper size. It’s important for the size of the coffee table to be proportional to the size of the room. If it’s overly small or large, then it will be difficult to maintain a perfect balance. Before choosing a certain table, generate a blueprint to scale in order to be 100% sure that the table will suit the room effectively.

Choose a shape. A square table provides the most surface area but requires the most floor space, while a round coffee table can create a sense of flow in a small space. A rectangular table works well in most rooms.

Choose a coffee table that reflects the style of the room. If your living room or family room is traditional, for instance, the standard style is a rectangular oak or walnut table with legs and maybe a shelf underneath. A glass top over wood or metal legs can create an elegant and modern look and also makes the room appear bigger. For a contemporary presence, you might choose a geometric or other artistic shape and perhaps some bright colors.

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