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Keeping Shaggy Rugs Clean Without Damaging Them

When you get home and kick off your shoes, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the feeling of a warm rug underneath your feet rather than a cold wooden floor. That’s why shaggy rugs are so popular, and whether you’re designing a retro room or choosing a crisp contemporary style, they fit in with many different design ideas. However, some people worry about keeping them clean and fresh, and might be put off by all the care instructions they have to follow. Luckily shag rugs are easy to look after once you know how, and here are a few tips to keeping yours looking like new.

Regular maintenance

When you vacuum or sweep your home, you may wish to also either take the hoover to your rug or give it a vigorous shake outside. This will help you to get rid of the majority of everyday dust that accumulates, and will keep things feeling fresh. Some people also like to leave their rug hanging outdoors on a sunny day to keep it smelling fresh, or you can use a sprinkle of carpet powder, leave it to work its magic, and then vacuum for a fresher smell.

If you are looking for a new shag rug then check the manufacturer’s instructions when you buy it. Some cannot be vacuumed so you’ll need to ensure that you have outdoor space to give it a beating instead. When you buy affordable rugs online then the details you need should be in the description, or you can contact customer services if you need advice.


If you’re in a home with children and pets then you might encounter some unfortunate spills and stains, but these can also be dealt with easily. As with many household accidents, the sooner you can rectify them the better, so follow these steps:

1. Blot up as much of the stain as possible with a terry cloth or kitchen roll
2. Apply warm water to the stain and then blot again to remove the liquid
3. If it’s still stained, add a little washing powder to the water and dab the mixture on the stain, leaving it for a few minutes before blotting off again
4. Once the stain is gone simply vacuum as normal

There are also gadgets that claim to clean shaggy carpets and rugs such as wet dry vacuum cleaners, and these can be useful around the home if you have a lot of spills or have young children who tend crawl around on your rug.

Sprucing up

One of the downsides of a shaggy rug is that it can show its age, so it’s important to keep it looking its best to offer the best impression of your home. Using a carpet rake or broom to ‘reset’ the fibres on a daily basis can really help, and this can be done if you’ve had pets rolling on the rug or have someone coming over.

Most rugs need a deep clean a couple of times a year, although this will depend on the amount of usage it gets, and many people choose to give their rug a special clean if they have people staying over or are hosting an event. Smaller rugs can sometimes be put in the washing machine at a low temperature, so check the care label to find out if yours is suitable. Larger rugs can be cleaned by professionals, or you can rent a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner to do the job yourself.

If your floors feel a little bare, or you want to add a cosy or retro touch to a room, then a shaggy rug can be the perfect accessory to bring a room together. It allows you to add a splash of colour, or change the look of a room with minimal effort, and it covers bare wooden floors for a more luxurious feel. Shaggy rugs are comfortable for kids to sit on, feel great underneath your feet, and best of all are easier to maintain than people think, with just a few simple steps required to keep your rug looking good and ensuring it’s in use for years to come.

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