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How to Decorate Your Home in Vintage Style

The antique style is always in high demand when it comes to interior decoration. People love the retro look and search for offbeat décor pieces to make their home stand out in the crowd. But making the right choice is not a piece of cake since you will get plenty of choices while visiting a vintage store online or offline. You can grab antique coffee table, bed, bedside table, lampshades, or even blueprint wall art to present a different look.

Vintage Idea with Small Items

Vintage décor adds loads of elegance and artistic quality to your interior. Curves and edges are the special characteristics of the retro look. But vintage does not always indicate the major furniture of your home. You can collect a wide range of vintage-inspired small items. Let your creative juices flow to bring an uncommon look with common objects. If you have a vintage style trunk, you can turn that into an amazing coffee table with huge storage space inside. Thus you can bring dramatic change to your home without throwing out the old furniture pieces. This will give your home a vintage touch without pinching your pocket.

It is up to you, how you will bring life to the old and unused objects with a new purpose. An old ladder can be a great display stand at one corner of your living space. Put some antique showpieces or lampshades on the stairs. Even you can use a few retro-style planters with indoor plants to provide freshness and green touch. This will also purify the home environment.

Use Vintage Wall Art

Blueprint wall art is also a marvellous idea to bring back the vintage feel in your room. To add spice to the wall art piece, go beyond the traditional themes. Think different, think bold! Hang an exclusive famous sports stadium on your wall in the form of a blueprint wall art. This will express both your love for football and a creative mind.

Using Hanger Displays

Another inexpensive unique décor idea can also add a story to your living room or bedroom. To hold the old spirit, adorn one wall with wire hanger displays, ancient pitchers, and furniture pieces. A bunch of fresh flowers or some small indoor plants will add nature’s touch. It would be really fun to arrange a wall in the market style.

Hanging Antique Pieces

These will surprise you with their charm when you use them in your cosy coffee bar. This is an inspiring idea to fill up the empty space in the kitchen or dining room. Funky, little vintage pieces are also interesting, and you can buy multiple pieces of the same style to jazz up the staircase, hallway, or entryways.

Antique looks do not necessarily mean an expensive one. Old wooden chairs, wooden windows and some classic print art can do wonders. You just need to switch on your creative self to come up with simple yet unique decoration ideas.

 Re-arranging Furniture Items

Convert a furniture item into a different one with some incredible DIY. Collect vintage suitcases of various dimensions, transform them into side tables or nightstands, and apply a pinch of creativity. A set of two-three stools with increasing height can be used as the side table in your living in a row, or you can place them in different places, one each in the bedroom, living room, and dining space. You are free to place a vintage clock, lampshade, flower bowl designed with heavy work, a royal tea set, or anything you like to flaunt.


Design ideas are countless, and so the items. Some prefer blueprint wall art, whereas some like to play with colours and lights. Get ideas from the décor magazines and websites to broaden your innovative sense.

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