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Services Security Doors: Safeguard Your House

Security doors also known as door security system are devices or systems installed to prevent unauthorized access through a doorway. Its main purpose is to prevent theft and burglaries and make your home more secure. That is why security doors are an essential tool to safeguard you and your loved ones from criminals. According to a survey, it was noted that most break-ins were successful because criminals could easily enter or open a house door by using tools like screwdrivers or even crowbars, the thieves mostly targeted doors with no deadbolt lock and did not break a double pane window during their robbery.

Whether it is you front door or back door, side door or garage door all are prime targets of thieves to gain easy access to your home. Therefore, it is crucial to install security doors wherever possible.

The following are the common residential door types installed in households:

•    Solid wood door
•    Panel door (hollow and solid core)
•    Metal skinned type doors with wood edges
•    Metal edged wrapped doors

Door Security Devices to be installed in security doors:

•    Alarms- This is a kind of silent alarm which triggers in case the door is opened, informing the police or guard of unauthorized entry without any indication to the burglar.
•    CCTV’s and Close Circuit Cameras- This records the activities that have taken place when the home owner is not there on a CD or an MP3.
•    Deadbolts- Not the most secure form as they can be easily picked by burglars. But nowadays manufacturers create deadbolts which are full proofed again lock bumping & picking.
•    Door Chains- This allows the owner to open the door slightly to get a view of whose outside.
•    Door Viewers- Although they are small fish eye lenses but they are of great help as home owners can view who is at the door without even opening it. They must be installed in all doors.
•    Door Windows- They also serve the same purpose as Door Viewers allowing the owners to get a view outside instead of actually opening the door. Three types of windows which can be installed are security bars & grates, security films or breakage resistant windows.
•    Sliding door/ Patio door locks- There are various kinds of specialized products available for making it difficult to break in through sliding doors or patio doors.

Another important tip recommended by security professionals is to clear your shrubs from near doorways as to get a clear view of the surroundings which makes it difficult to for thieves to hide and stalk your house.

Things to be kept in mind before buying security door are:

•    First and foremost the guarantee or the warranty the security door offers. If it does what is the time period offered? Consult with your security door installer beforehand.
•    Features of the security door- Normally all these features are provided with the installation-
1.    Mitered Corners
2.    Closers
3.    Wind Chains
4.    Sill Extensions
5.    Matching keys

However if some of these are not included you can weigh your options decide whether it’s crucial to the security system or not.

•    Whether to paint or powder coat the security doors. This totally depends on the climatic conditions of where you are staying. Mostly people go for powder coating.
•    Type of frame material to use to be installed. Whether it should be constructed of aluminum, steel or a metal alloy.

Investing in a security door can help keep you and your loved ones safe. So go ahead and get yourself guarded!

Consider these factors when you are purchasing these doors because at the end of the day, security of your house or the office cannot be compromised. So invest in good and safe security doors.

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